Left Hand of Darkness

by Greenstick

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Greenstick are the real deal - not some manufactured pop confection dreamed up by some cynical media mogul eager to con the public into parting with their hard earned cash. Their music comes straight from the heart and their first album is full of songs of darkness and light, innocence and love betrayed. If you're a fan of beautiful harmonies, great tunes and lyrics that actually mean something then this album is for you.


released August 8, 2013

Lyrics and arrangement by Roger Hurn & Alex Marshall.

Produced and recorded by the legendary Dan 'The Man' Cooper at Rodel Sounds Studio, South London.

Artwork by Laurence Andrew Page



all rights reserved


Greenstick London, UK

Greenstick trace their origins to a rock & roll band. Alex took up the drumsticks of his late father to complete the reunion of the fabled Grim Down South. Soon after Alex and Roger (GDS bass player) grabbed guitars to form a dynamic songwriting partnership with singer Hayley, whose songs range from driving to whimsical with memorable lyrics and sweet harmonies. ... more

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Track Name: Left Hand Of Darkness
The left hand of darkness, lord it’s tugging at my sleeve
The left hand of darkness, lord it’s tugging at my sleeve
I’ve been riding on this ghost train but now,
I think it’s getting time to leave.

I went dancing on thin ice, I stepped on every single crack.
I went dancing on thin ice, I stepped on every single crack.
I fled the secret garden and now,
I just can’t find my way back

I’m drowning I’m not waving in this storm tossed sea
I’m drowning I’m not waving in this storm tossed sea
But the question I can’t answer is,
Who the hell is gonna rescue me?
Track Name: Poison Ivy
Evening comes softly to the empire of your eyes,
And in your glance I am undone.
I try to hold your image in my heart,
But I taste poison ivy on my tongue.
Yes I taste poison ivy on my tongue.

I see the future through the bottom of a glass,
I watch the way the threads are spun.
You think your fate is written in the stars,
But you’ll taste poison ivy on your tongue.
Yes you’ll taste poison ivy on your tongue.

What you have you hold,
That’s the story you were told.
But the stars grow old,
The fires fade and love grows cold.
Love grows so cold.

I hold a photograph from a long forgotten time,
When all our precious dreams were young.
I feel a sadness all tangled up in rhyme,
It’s the taste of poison ivy on my tongue.
Yes it’s the taste of poison ivy on my tongue.
Oh you’ll taste poison ivy on your tongue.
Track Name: Miles Of Empty Sky
(Like a) bird with her wing’s clipped,
But still longing to fly,
You look up at the miles of empty sky.

(Like a) child in the darkness,
Or a book without words,
When will your lonely heart be heard?

Needing your freedom more with every day,
Wondering what can you do or say,
To break the ties that bind and fly away.

(Like a) tide in the tempest,
Or a clock without hands,
You’re moving to a beat you don’t understand.
Track Name: Your Last Stand
You’re making your last stand,
In the hour when the night comes down.
You’re meeting your assassin,
In the darkness on the edge of town.
You know her face,
And you surely know her name.
So when she cuts you down,
You’ll only have yourself to blame.

It’s your last stand,
No time for thinking twice.
It’s your last stand,
She is fire, you are ice.

Those voices in your head,
Are telling you you’re on your own.
You’re caught between two worlds,
And neither one is home.
All of your betrayals,
Pass right before your eyes.
The deaths by indecision,
Your low rent alibis.

It’s your last stand.
The final throw of the dice
It’s your last stand
This time you’ll pay the price
It’s your last stand.
Track Name: Green Turns To Red
I can hold it together.
I can walk the line.
I act like a regular guy,
Nearly all of the time.

Everybody will tell you,
I’m doing fine.
I can smile with the best of them,
And that’s a very good sign.

I’m no longer hanging,
By a single thread.
Then when someone says your name,
My green light turns red.

Green turns to red.
Green turns to red.
When you’re back inside my head,
Green turns to red.

I go out with my buddies.
I get on with my life.
I can make it to the weekend,
Without trouble or strife.

I still work for my living.
I’m still making a buck.
Nobody thinks me,
A man down on his luck.
Track Name: Stars
When I was a child I loved to look up at the Milky Way.
And its coruscating beauty always took my breath away.
Now I'm grown and my life is in disarray,
Yet still the stars hold me sway

Starlight in my eyes,
Stardust inside me.
I use the night,
And its cloak of stars to hide me.

When I was a child the stars seemed close enough to touch.
I watched them from my world and wanted them so much.
But now I’m grown the stars are light years from me,
But still I’d sail that starry sea.

A sky full of stars,
Wheeling high above me.
I wish those stars could set me free,
'Cos then I’d sail that starry sea.
Track Name: When You Were Young
Distant mountains in an antique land.
Girl dancing on the sand.
Held the future in your hand,
Back then when you were young

Star light shimmered on a wine dark sea.
Felt the touch of history.
Thought you knew philosophy,
Back then when you were young

Your heart restless as a wheel,
Always looking for another heart to steal

Sickle moon drifted ‘cross the sky,
Shadows made for an alibi.
You never stopped to wonder why,
Back then when you were young.

Time flies just like an arrow,
Laying waste to days gone by.
You can never call them back,
No matter how hard you try.

Your heart can’t be shamed,
Always looking for another heart to tame.

Youth was what you had to spend,
Every day like a brand new friend.
Seemed that Summer would never end,
Back then when you were young.

Your heart will never learn,
Always looking for another heart to burn.
Track Name: Illusion Of Control
Just like a gun,
This cannot be outrun.
It’s got a gravity all of its own.

The rain can’t cleanse me,
And love won’t mend me.
I’m devoid of decision,
It’s sewn into my line.
Shook the tree of my kin,
And watched the glass,
Shatter around me.

If only my heart could,
Do as my head would.
Breaking out in an ice cold sweat,
Does not satisfy this thirst.
What if my heart could.
Do as I know it should.
Even illusion of control,
Would keep this fear submersed.

I have a hope,
That you’ll unloose the rope.
I’ll hold it together,
Please won’t you tether me down?

Nobody can know,
Though I’m ‘bout to overflow.
To confide would be to ride,
In the shame of the stocks,
See smoke from a barrel,
And a secret locked up let free.

Whilst the water of life gets the better of you,
Those you love get the rest, too hard to chew.
Though you make yourself sick to gain an ounce of reprieve,
‘Til the end of days you’ll be game for the thief.
Track Name: Things I'd Say
Deep in a dream I whisper,
Sweet nothings to my stone cold pillow.
I turn away from the sun.
You are broken by the dawn’s morning glow.

Then I stare into space,
Staying still to catch stardust that remains.
I’m just biding my time,
Until I can be with you again.

The things I’d say to you,
If my voice was as brave as my mind.
Sometimes I’m on the verge of tears,
For reasons I’ve yet to find.
Perhaps it’s no matter how far it’ll be,
The end won’t be far enough for me.

I keep these thoughts to myself.
My courage is the lion’s pride.
My mouth opens to speak,
And like the tin man I am frozen inside.

Will you tell me what you’re holding back?
‘Cos I really just need to keep track,
Of where I am with you.

Here I go, I’ll let it all out now.
Here I go, I’m telling you soon.
It’s gotta be now while there’s something to loose.
Track Name: Love's In Vain
Your heart is a diamond,
My heart is a flame.
But a love out of season,
Is a love with no name.

The heavens grew weary,
Then faded to black.
In that moment I knew,
We could never turn back.

Smiles made of shadows,
Gave you away.
Yet still I wanted you to stay.

'Cos I stole the sky for you,
Cheated and lied for you,
Threw down my pride for you,
And laughed at the shame.
I sold my soul for you,
Turned lead to gold for you,
Would have grown old for you,
But all my love’s in vain.

I turn my face to the sky ,
It's tattooed by rain.
No songs of innocence,
Help me to carry this pain.
Time’s river goes flowing,
Leaving me on the track,
And just like a river,
Time will never flow back.
Track Name: When You Get Back Home
I used to live in central,
Where hot neon lit the night.
I could paint the town
In red, black blue or white.
But you couldn’t find me in any bars,
Passed out on the floor.
‘Cos I was waiting for the sign to come on over,
Once you’d got in the door.

I want to be there when you get back home,
‘Cos there’s no place that I would rather roam.
I’ve got the keys so I don’t need to phone,
When I’m sick and tired of being on my own.
‘Cos it won’t be long ‘til you’ll be comin’ home.

You cooked my meals for free,
I won’t say nothin’ ‘bout the taste.
While my single bed,
In the city went to waste.

It was clear as months went by,
Where most of my time was spent.
So we thought up a good idea,
That I‘d start paying rent.

I want to be there when you get back home,
Because there’s no place that I would rather roam.
It’s not the space between the bricks and stones.
It’s a place where our young puppy love can grow.
‘Cos it won’t be long ‘til you’ll be comin’ home.

We were worried how we would cope,
If we ever reached the end of our rope.
But can’t you see how well we stack,
When we’re riding on top of each others’ backs?
Track Name: Runaway Train
I don’t think our love can survive.
When you say it will,
You’re only talking jive.
We’ve got a one way ticket on a runaway train.

I can’t tell what you see in me,
And I know for you,
I’m a mystery.
We’ve got a one way ticket on a runaway train.

I thought we were going places.
I thought that we were right on track.
But we’re riding on a train to nowhere,
And there’s no way our love is coming back.

Empty hearts and broken dreams,
This love affair ain’t what it seems.
We’ve got a one way ticket on a runaway train.

We cling together yet times running out.
Our love is over and there’s no doubt.
We’ve got a one way ticket on a runaway train.
We’ve got a one way ticket on this runaway train.
Track Name: 3 Into 2 Don't Go
There’s a new guy in town.
He makes her laugh,
But he’s bringing me down.
She says he’s just a friend,
But I wonder how this is gonna end.
Hey baby take my advice,
Before you put our love on ice,
'Cos there’s one thing I know,
3 into 2 don’t go.

She says he’s a metro sexual,
What the hell is that?
She says I’m just a retrosexual,
Now where’s that at?
Hey baby now I’m confused,
But I think you’re gonna have to choose,
'Cos there’s one thing I know,
3 into 2 don’t go.

Yeah I know the guys one smooth talker,
And your friends say he’s got bedroom eyes.
But honey he’s just a big city slicker,
And he’s trying to hook you in with his lies.

Hey girl, I’m all mixed up,
Now you don’t want my lovin’ cup.
But honey one thing I know,
3 into 2 don’t go.

He ain’t into action movies,
She says he likes rom coms.
The only sports he digs is soccer,
What planet’s he from?
Hey baby make up your mind,
Otherwise you’re gonna find,
That all there’s left to know,
Is 3 into 2 don’t go.

She says he’s into his feminine side,
Like that’s a good thing.
She says macho guys with muscles,
Don’t make her heart sing.
Ok so I’m out of touch,
Alright so I don’t know much,
But honey the one thing I know,
Is 3 into 2 don’t go.